Gransfors Bruk Small Splitting Axe

Gransfors Bruk Small Splitting Axe

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These things are amazing! This small splitting axe will easily make more manageable pieces out of the larger chunks of firewood you come across. The bit is forged to be quite thin and concave. This helps it go fast into the wood and split the wood apart as the thicker part of the head pushes its way through. The poll on the axe is NOT designed for pounding on a wedge. This axe also features a collar guard to help prevent damage to the handle. Comes with leather sheath. Gransfors Bruk has been making axes in Sweden since 1902. I tried and true classic!

-Head- 2lbs. with 2.5" face and metalsmith's initials imprinted in it

-Handle- 20" of hickory with circular grooves for grip

-Comes with 20 year guarantee from manufacturer and helpful Axe Book