Another World/ Peace Prevails Tee Shirt

Another World/ Peace Prevails Tee Shirt

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 Bear with me on this one. It's long...

The idea for this shirt came to me when I was in Japan and took note of the Peace Poles at most of the temples there and how the idea of peace prevailing on Earth went hand in hand with the often Anarchist saying that "another world is possible". I thought about the different ways in which we seek peace and how it is not always a clear path but, for many people, the goal is peaceful equality. 

This shirt shows two different ways people make their voice heard. It features a late 60s photo of people with a vision of a different world in Washington Park, NYC on the front and members of the Zengakuren clashing with police in Tokyo on the back. "Of central concern to the Zengakuren was American military presence in the region, and many of the most violent clashes occurred in demonstrations against the Vietnam War." Both images are juxtaposed with the saying that is somewhat superficially incongruent with the image... but still rings true. 


Printed on 100% Cotton shirts in either White or Light Yellow. Front image is Dark Red. Back Image is Dark Purple. Runs true to size. Each shirt comes with a free sticker too!